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Celtic knot tattoos are designed with intertwined strands that make unique tattoo designs. The Celtic knot is a complicated design and often has hidden meanings. For a tattoo enthusiast, designs with unique meaning are certainly held in high esteem. For instance, for those wanting to express their faith in religion, Celtic knot tattoos representing the Holy trinity and cross are ideal. To convey good fortune, Celtic Shamrocks are the best option, since they stand for good luck.

Celtic knot tattoos are available in numerous varieties. A simple design can be tattooed as an armband or a complicated design can be inked on the upper or lower back. The inspiring feature of the celtic knot tattoo is that the size can always be increased.

The duleek knot is one of the popular Celtic knot tattoos, which symbolizes completeness and the Sun. The inner patterns of this knot design include four triquetras, which is the most common knot design used in Celtic knot tattoos. The four triquetras represent the four seasons influenced by earth, air and water. The trinity knots are brilliantly interlocked to make a beautiful design, indeed many people select this design as a way to represent their strength.


Celtic knot tattoos provide a splendid look if designed in the leg from knee to ankle. Due to the intricate designs, these tattoos certainly require a tattoo artist with skill and passion in this specific area, be sure to seek out a true professional. The integrity knot is yet another excellent design that delivers eye-catching appearance, it is a perfect design for the upper back.

Infact Celtic knot tattoos can represent wedding knot, I believe they express a great romantic statement. The beautiful heart knot pattern looks stunning and you are able to color the inner heart which adds to its charm. The infinity knot is similarly famous in Celtic knot tattoos, it is a symbol of infinite love.

A well designed Celtic knot tattoos will look awe-inspiring if designed well. The complex shapes and interweaves of these artworks are the perfect way to express a powerful meaning. These knot tattoos can be positioned on the lower back, upper back, arms, and legs.

Celtic knot tattoos are the most popular body symbol of all Celtic art. They are mystical knots that represent a spiritual meaning. They help us to understand the cycles of life with the endless knots symbolize the life after death. If you select a Celtic knot tattoo design to be inked on your body, then you can use it to convey what is most important in your life and your personal beliefs.

Many people love to wear Celtic knot tattoos because of their cultural significance. Even without Celtic ancestory, people worldwide simply appreciate the beauty of the artworks and are willing to ink the design. However, the celtic knot tattoos are somewhat difficult to design, it is therefore essential to look for an experienced tattoo artist who has experience and skills in tattooing the knot designs. It is worthwhile to research a quality artist before starting the tattooing process.

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