Cylinder Storage Means A Much Safer Workplace For Staff And Customers

May 23rd, 2018

Submitted by: Rodrigo Hollywood

It seems that to make fun of health and safety is a big thing in the UK at the moment. Whenever something is prohibited, health and safety is often cited as the culprit. However much good health and safety measures have brought about over the years, it will always be a source of amusement to blame anything slightly on those three little words. It may be easy to make fun of such matters but health and safety really does matter in the workplace and to ignore it is to in effect take risks with our lives in certain instances. Those videos about using a ladder correctly and safe storage are not created simply to entertain but they are there to protect. The people who think they are immune to accidents are amongst those most likely to be injured. Would they make light of improper gas cylinder storage I wonder?

Gas cylinders are a common sight on many a shopfloor, garage and workshop. Big and bulky, these are not only expensive items but dangerous items too. But these are items that are all too often not stored properly. This is not only dangerous but confusing because items such as these are worth a lot of money to your company. You may think that no-one in their right mind would want to steal gas cylinders but the price of gas makes these a very attractive target for criminals, and if you do not use secure cylinder storage then you may as well gift wrap them. Suffice to say that you probably would not want to make your premises a target for theft so the answer is to invest in gas cylinder storage facilities to deter the thieves. Don’t forget that if thieves do come for gas cylinders, they may want to take other stuff too, so why make it attractive to them in the first place?

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But theft is just one reason why cylinder storage is a good idea. The health and safety aspects are another, and these should be even easier to understand. A gas cylinder is heavy. Very heavy. A gas cylinder that is not stored securely that is leant against a wall of lying on its side is a bad accident waiting to happen. Imagine that cylinder falling over and rolling towards someone. It could fall on someone, trip them up or roll into a vehicle or customers. If it rolls into something it could rupture and if you have gas escaping from a broken cylinder, the possibilities do not bear thinking about. Gas cylinders are dangerous weapons if you don’t look after them. without cylinder storage, you are putting the safety of your staff and your customers at risk.

Thankfully it seems that businesses are aware of the serious consequences should cylinder storage not be employed. That is why more and more companies are investing in the very latest gas cylinder storage. It is simple and it works so it is a mistake to not take action and implement cylinder storage. Yes, you need to make an investment in the cylinder storage but just image the cost of not doing so.

Cylinder storage is available in a variety of styles and formats that best suit your business. These include mobile trolleys, wall brackets, cylinder pallets, gas cylinder storage cages, fire protection cabinets and high quality cylinder storage solutions. All in all there is going to be an effective solution for your cylinder storage needs whether internal or external. What’s more, cylinder storage will provide a safe way of helping your work environment look much tidier, which in itself is safer for everyone.

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is not an area that any modern business should take a chance with. For the very best in cylinder storage solutions, choose Unimac. They produce a comprehensive range of storage solutions to keep cylinders safely stored out of harm’s way including wall brackets and cages. For more details on the complete range of products visit


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