Elderly Care Arvada: Hoarding and Your Senior


Erin Nichols(2013-01-24)

Hoarding is about attachment and sometimes those sentiments can be hard to break. The habit is detrimental to health and safety, but you can help your elderly relatives overcome the problem in a few easy steps. It decreases the ability of a senior to get out of the house in case of an emergency. Additionally, the clutter created by hoarding can actually cause emergencies, such as a fire. The home care professionals at Always Best Care of West Denver (serving Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Arvada and other nearby areas) know just how important it is to remove the clutter from your elderly loved one\’s home.

In many cases, hoarding can create lasting emotional issues that are best discussed with a professional. If this is the situation in which you find your elderly loved one, senior care professionals encourage you to address the problem through the use of a therapist. If you find that your loved one will allow you to assist them in cleaning their home, though, go ahead and provide the support they need to get their house in order.

Here are some tips to assist you in creating a safer, cleaner living space for your senior:


1.Be patient with your senior. The process of cleaning a home after hoarding has occurred is overwhelming, as there is a great deal to do. Keep the project as organized as possible and try not to push your loved one too hard to get things done. The best course of action may be to have them direct you in the work.

2.Create a system. In each room, designate a box or pile for things that are to be kept, that are to be thrown away, and that are to be donated. Regularly move the boxes or piles as they accumulate so that you can see the results of your hard work. Additionally, removing the items from the space will reduce the chances that your loved one will change their minds and try to keep things that they do not need.

3.Finish each room as you go. By completing one room at a time, you and your senior can better retain your motivation to finish the task. Cleaning an entire home is a major undertaking; however, seeing the results of your work will allow you to keep your goal at the forefront of your mind. Additionally, finally having rooms free of clutter may encourage your loved one to keep working and, ultimately, stop their hoarding habit.

Erin Nichols and the senior care professionals at Always Best Care of West Denver ((303) 952-3060) know that hoarding can pose a serious threat to the well-being of your loved one. By cleaning their home, minimizing clutter, and organizing you can help them overcome this problem.

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