Fish Oil Supplements During Pregnancy = Smarter, Healthier Kids

March 2nd, 2018

Fish Oil Supplements During Pregnancy = Smarter, Healthier Kids by David CassellWhy should one take fish oil supplements during pregnancy? You can just think of it as the typical vitamins and minerals that are given by doctors just to make sure that you can have a bouncing baby girl or boy later on. Also, with them, you can enjoy the following benefits:1. You can have a smarter kid. Who doesn’t want to have the brightest kid in class? Surely, you dream of pinning ribbons or seeing big stars on your kid’s examination papers. Moreover, whether you like to admit or not, you want him or her to top and beat the other children in terms of academic learning.Well, you already have a chance, and you don’t even have to spend more money on tutors. You can just take fish oil supplements during pregnancy.It has been found out that these fish oils are rich in omega3 fatty acids such as DHA, which can boost memory retention and focus.Children whose mothers consume fish oil supplements tend to have IQs that are 6 to 10 points higher than kids their age.Furthermore, by the time that they are four years old, they will perform exceptionally well in examinations. They also have very long attention spans, and they are well advanced in years.You can also count on DHA to take care of your child’s vision. This essential fatty acid is also needed by the retinas of the eyes. You should also not forget that a third of your baby’s brain weight is composed of DHA.2. You can skip post-natal blues. Though not all moms go through post-partum depression, there are still plenty who do. You can also be one of them, if you don’t take fish oil supplements.There are a lot of factors that are commonly associated with this type of depression. For one, it could be the hormonal changes. You also have the stress that usually accompanies first-time mothers.Fish oil supplements can help you recover quickly from your delivery, and you can prevent post-partum blues since DHA and EPA can alleviate the symptoms of depression and mood swings.These supplements are also better alternatives than eating real fresh water fish. There’s a chance that the water where they came from is already polluted with mercury and lead, and you could ingest and pass these on to your baby.Fish oil supplements are molecularly distilled to ensure that these toxins are removed completely from the fish oil.More details on why fish oil for kids is the #1 health supplement for children of all ages.Article Source:

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