How To Deal With Stage Fright


shaymanWhat Is Stage Fright?

Like you, or I doubt that you’d be reading this article, I suffer from stage fright, performance anxiety, singing nerves and public performance nerves. In fact, we are not alone, most people do! It’s a natural state of mind and comes from the fear and flight reaction that is built into each and every one of us.

There do appear to be people who relish the chance to stand up and show off regardless of how good a performance they will give, and this is really the key to understanding stage fright. The point is, they don’t care, they’re not getting paid, no one will die and quite often they will win some friends by just having the nerve to give it a go. People respond to failure just as much as they do to success.


How To Deal With Stage Fright

In the days & hours leading up to a gig or performance, feelings begin to grow and it is like a two-headed monster. On the one hand you may be looking forward to the night and your ‘positive head’ may be telling you that it’s a good thing and your going to enjoy it. But then the ‘negative head’ butts in and tells you it’s going to go wrong, you’re going to forget your words, you’re going to sing out of tune, or dry up completely and everyone is going to laugh at you and remember the day you made a fool of yourself FOREVER!

One of the ways I used to deal with the situation was to drink alcohol. A bad move because if there is going to be one thing that will make you mess up your lines it’s being drunk! Ok I may still have the odd drink whilst on stage, but it’s not used as a crutch to lose my nerves. I actually have learned to control my nerves and use them to my advantage and I now enjoy being the centre of attention for a few hours, and hopefully the audience enjoys me being there.

Nerves are actually a good thing, if used correctly and it’s possibly part of the reason we perform. There is nothing better than turning the fear of failure turned into a big success.

The secret is to learn how to not take it too seriously and to remain calm and in control of the situation and most importantly if you enjoy yourself…then so will your audience.

I use some simple hypnosis techniques to help with controlling my nerves, and whether you’re doing your first ever gig, a best man’s speech, acting or Karaoke you can also benefit greatly.

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