Having a new puppy brings joy that is simply second to none. The love, the excitement, the cute, adorable antics, it all adds up to create a bond of affection that’s really special. On the flip side, the not-so-adorable part can be teaching your little one where to “go.” Toilet training a puppy can feel daunting, but fear not, we have compiled a step-by-step guide on how to toilet train a puppy in 7 days.

Day 1: Introduction and Regular Breaks

Start by introducing your puppy to its new indoor dog toilet. Initially, your pup might be reluctant or afraid, but gradually it will familiarize. Puppies have small bladders, hence, need to use the toilet frequently. Start by taking your puppy to its toilet every hour, or immediately after meals, playtime, and naptime.

Day 2: Recognition of Signals

Every pup gives signals they need to “go”, it could be circling, sniffing, barking, or trying to find a secluded square. Recognising these signs are crucial for successful toilet training. Guide your puppy to the indoor dog toilet whenever you spot these signs.

Day 3: Accidents Happen

Remember, accidents are part of the process. Your puppy is bound to have accidents around the house within the first few days. Rather than punishing, gently escort them to the indoor dog toilet and wait until they’re done. It’s important to clean up accidents thoroughly as puppies are inclined to urinate again in spots that smell like urine.

Day 4: Positive Reinforcement

This will be an important day in their training. When your pup uses the indoor dog toilet correctly, shower them with verbal praise. Enhance the experience with occasional treats. Positive reinforcement helps greatly in shaping good behavior in puppies.

Day 5: Monitor Toilet Times

By this day, you will likely have a fair idea of your puppy’s toilet timings. Note these times to predict toilet breaks. Planning breaks around these times will help your puppy stay accident-free and hasten the training process.

Day 6: Gradual Increase of Free Time

With the puppy getting the hang of using the indoor dog toilet, you can now allow small periods of freedom under supervision. Gradually increase these free time periods, while continuously watching out for “I need to go” signals.

Day 7: Increasing Confidence

By the end of the week, you should notice a considerable decrease in accidents. Continue praising your pup each time they use the toilet correctly. It is the key to reinforcing the behavior. While the puppy might not be completely trained yet, continue with the routine and it should get there with time.

Toilet training a puppy in 7 days is not always assured, but it is definitely achievable with some breeds more than others. Sometimes it might take a little more time, and that’s okay. The key points are consistency, patience, and lots of love and praise. Remember, every puppy is unique and will learn at its own pace. Your patience, care and consistency will help them settle into their new lifestyle effortlessly. Indoor dog toilet training doesn’t have to be a chore, but instead, it can be a stepping-stone towards a loving and strong bond with your new fur ball.