My legs used to be SO tired and the muscles felt, well wierd and uncoimfortable. I called it shaky legs but later learned that what I had was restless leg syndrome. It would look normal when I walk but it feelt so wierd. Kind of like a wet noodle (if that makes sense). I used to think maybe there was some crazy degenerable disease afflicting me and that I would have to feel this way forever.

Thankfully I was wrong on both counts.

I also had a strong urge to move my legs which it felt like I could not resist. This was often accompanied by uncomfortable creeping sort of sensatons. All this together with my shaky legs made me feel terrible. I went to the doctor (of course) and he gave me some muscle relaxers that I really did not like! I tried a massuse, and felt better for a little while after, but at $60 a session, this was just too much.


I tried supplements and crazy diets. I even prayed about it. I was so angry that I could not get any relief, it was a very miserable time for me that lasted almost two years. I finally got mad enough to really look into what was going on with me, that’s when I found out that my shaky legs were really a form of RLS.

I wish I could say that I went to the doctor, told him what the issue was and that he made it all better – did not happen. See most conventional RLS treatments do nothing to treat the actual cause of the condition. The main reason for this is that it is a misubnderstood condition.

What I found is that I needed to treat this holistically and naturally. I did not come to this conclusion on my own (I wish I was that smart). I am so grateful that I learned a simple 2 step process that has cured me of so called shaky legs. An all natural process that does not require that I take drugs that make me feel sick or see doctors or therapists that drain my bak account.

I found a solution to my problem and if you have any of the symptoms I described I urge you to do the same. There really is relief waiting for you.

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Worried about your shaky legs? Stop your shaky legs in 8 minutes (sounds unreal but it is true!)

Author: Tim K Thomas