Coursera is one of the leading MOOC (Massive Online) and provide a good way to learn or enhance your skills. Coursera was founded by Stanford University, America Started in the year of 2012.

One Good Thing :

One good thing about Coursera is that you can enroll in the course for free and you can start learning at the same moment you wish, the free course doesn’t include a certificate. But if you really want a certificate for a particular course and you can’t financially afford it then you can apply for financial aid, in financial aid they will as you few questions in which you can describe your situation that why you are applying for financial aid. Once your application is submitted then Coursera will review your application and will confirm the result for financial aid in the next 15 days (they provide financial aid in most of the cases). Once your financial aid is confirmed then you can start your course and get a certificate for free.

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2. edX

edX is one of the most popular American MOOCs which is founded by Harvard And MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology), if you are from a science background then I am sure that you might have surely heard about MIT. If you want to get knowledge in the science field like engineering, computer science, data science then this is the best place for you.

One good thing :

edX has a wide variety of courses and the universities contributing from the different part of the world to provide you knowledge. Some of the courses are free but for you have to pay for a certificate, you cannot get financial aid with edX. Here is the list of the courses in which you can choose of your interest.

Want to explore more to explore in edX.

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To reach out to students around the world and to increase the awareness of distance education Indian Space Research Organisation has sent a dedicated communication satellite named EDUSAT in the year 2004. So India is into distance learning for a very very long time. Indian Institute Of Remote Sensing (IIRS) with ISRO provides a very large platform for online studies. The main purpose of Edusat is to increase the awareness in the people for tele-education at school, undergraduate and postgraduate level, and the services are provided by many departments, institutions, universities, and other organizations.

One Good Thing :

There are only Live courses available and once the lecture is completed it will be saved in your EDUSAT profile for your further reference. On their website, you can look out for the upcoming courses and I am providing their whole year course profile so you can plan and apply as per your interest. The courses provided by ISRO IIRS are absolute, you have to give the exam for the certificate but currently, you only require 70% of your attendance to be eligible for the certificate. So go and grab the opportunities, important links are given in the description below.

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Google, one of the biggest and the most successful technology company in this world, google is the biggest search engine, as well as our life, looks little difficult without the google useful application such as Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Drive which even give you free storage data up till 15 GB. Google is now making their steps towards the education field and has come up with their Google Garage which gives you a very good opportunity to learn new something new and that too absolutely free.

One Good Thing :

There are 151 courses which you can access and get certificates for the same. Google got a course that is very futuristic based upon AI (Artificial Intelligence) called Elements Of AI. If you want to make your career in AI then you must go for this course as it will give you basic theoretical knowledge and will help you out in understanding what skills are required to work with AI in the future. The course is in the 2 parts

  1. Elements Of AI
  2. Building AI

The link is given below for Elements Of AI :

The Google Garage Link :


Are you preparing for UPSC, SSC, Railway, State PSC, or any other government examination, so I have very good news for you. Khan sir India’s one of the best teachers (you might already know him) is now available throughout our country online with his application, Khan GS Research Centre. You might have seen many teachers with good teaching skills, but trust me guys you will enjoy the studies with his teaching skills, though I am not preparing for any examination for General Knowledge I always watch his videos on YouTube and he is now ranked in the top 10 YouTubers in India.

Khan GS Application will help you out with his videos on various topics which is important for your preparation for your government examination.

One Good Thing :

You can access many topics at a very reasonable rate, if the course is about to start you might get a deal of just 11 INR for the whole course or if you miss the offer dates then you might get access to the full course in just 200 INR. The whole knowledge videos and books of Khan sir in 200 Rupees. Guys, you should watch his videos and if you are preparing for the examination then download the application and get access as soon as the course start to avail yourself the benefits. Remember guys, no one can teach you so nicely at this rate. He is very helpful and feel very lucky that he is now serving his duty across India via online Platform

The link to the Application is given below :


One of the biggest MOOC learning platforms in Europe provides a great learning platform in 2021. Students are more into American MOOC programs but as we all are aware of the European standard of studies as the worlds best and the oldest universities are in Europe. Future learn started their services in the year of 2012 and provide wide ranges of course including Arts and Teaching courses.

One Good Thing :

It provides a very user-friendly platform for your studies as there are 12 Universities Including the University Of Birmingham, the University Of Bristol, Cardiff University which are contributing towards the success of your learning skills.

Some big names in the list, as many students want to learn from these Universities but don’t get a chance due to some of the other situation, this is a very good opportunity for you guys as you can learn online from these big Universities by just paying a little amount to spend.

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