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Mobile phones have become a very common product in this fast moving business world. Everyone wants to extend the life of their batteries. But majority of people are not aware of the way how to keep them safe. This article has useful contents, which may serve as guidelines to keep your mobile’s battery for longer. All the mobile phones recently launched come with numerous features, thus proving the need for good and lasting battery.

If your handset is kept idle, it is better to switch off the device. Certain phones offer ways to save power by keeping it in off mode or standby mode. Make use of ‘Tools’ or ‘settings’ option to modify the basic features of your instrument. Longer battery life is important to execute each and every feature.


As the features are more in number for the latest models, the battery life will not be sufficient for executing all the features. Therefore the life of the battery of certain models are not that much effective. The most battery draining feature is the wireless connectivity technically called as ‘Bluetooth’. If you have this feature in your handset, it needs high power for transferring and receiving information with the support of radio signals. It is advisable to switch off the feature when you are not in need to avoid unwanted battery consumption.

Most of the mobile users have an interest to have a bright screen in their handset. The handset has to consume charge to give the bright output on the screen. Always set medium brightness in your mobile. It is simple to change the brightness level in handsets manually. Lowering the backlight duration for the screen saves more power, and for this you need to try the lowest setting and then increase it, if it is too short. Disabling the unnecessary sounds as well proves more effective and this includes reducing the ring tone volume, disabling the beep sound when receiving messages or every time you press a button. On top of everything, stop playing games, surfing and clicking shots from your mobile phones to achieve longer battery life.

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