The Financial Aspect of Future Plans and Retirement Investments


Cara Larose

The issue on retirement does not only revolve around the health and welfare of seniors or their relationship with their respective family members. This has always been a financial concern as well. According to economists, financial struggles should not prevent seniors from getting the comfortable lives they deserve for their retirement.

According to a recent report, American families these days are no longer as open to the idea of sending their parents to nursing homes. This is primarily because the assistance of these institutions would cost them a lot, and they think that it would be more practical to keep their aging moms and dads at home. However, studies show that even home retirement solutions are not suitable options. There are families who would find it problematic to share their homes and often there is not enough space for the convenient living environment that elderly people require.

Because of this, the overall wellbeing of seniors, including the physical, emotional, psychological and social aspects of their lives, can be compromised. Time will be one of the initial problems as most children do not have enough time to personally care for their aging parents. They are often pre-occupied with their own careers and earning income for the household is usually their top priority.


Due to the lack of time and proper attention, no one will be in charge of the medical and nutrition needs of maturing individuals. Seniors, especially those in need of assistance to move around, will most likely be prone to accidents if they cannot depend on anyone to help them. A possible solution to this is to get home care services from professional nurses or caregivers.

But the truth is that hiring care-giving professionals would cost families almost the same amount as what they would have to shell out if they choose a retirement home instead. When the benefits of the two options are weighed, the specifically-designed establishments like the

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