The Right Way to Pick Out the Best Dog for You


Jason Hash

The real key to picking an adult dog is to take enough time to evaluate his / her traits, behavior, and temperament. Proper training may correct many negative behaviors and teach good ones. Yes, you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks!. But not all behavior troubles can be overcome.

A new puppy, however, is sort of a mass of clay waiting to be molded by you. You\’ll be able to raise your pet to be your own perfect companion. This, needless to say, presumes you know how to coach a dog competently and have the time and the desire-to do so.


If you reside in an apartment, you may be thinking it\’s best to restrict your puppy possibilities to little dogs. However you don\’t have to. Large pet dogs can make excellent apartment companions provided they receive routine workouts during strolls or dog park visits. Larger pet dogs are frequently more calm as well as quieter than small dogs (a lot less barking for next door neighbors to nitpick about). Dogs of any proportions can certainly make great apartment pet dogs as long as they are properly trained.

For those who have youngsters, would a little pet dog be much better? Not always. Any sort of dog, regardless of the size or breed, could be frightened and irritated by youngsters. A pet dog that feels threatened is more prone to bite. Certainly, the bite of a Chihuahua will be less serious compared to a Rottweiler. Most dogs of any size could make good buddies for children if they are correctly trained and well-socialized around little ones (but also make sure your youngsters are shown how to act near dogs).

Right after choosing to get a puppy or older dog, the following question is: What kind of dog is most desirable – mixed-breed (mutt) or pure-breed? There are enthusiasts for both sides of this question who would hardly ever consider owning the \”alternative\” pick. Then there are folks who just need a fantastic companion and do not care whether or not he is a mutt or maybe AKC winner.

Similar to the puppy or adult dog determination, there are advantages and disadvantages to both mutt and pure-breed options.

Pure-breed pups are often more predictable in terms of behavior and physical qualities. In many cases ahead of choosing a pure-breed puppy, you can check out the looks, friendliness, simple manners, and health and wellness of his parents. Occasionally excessive breeding/inbreeding, or breeding to produce a desirable physical characteristic (like the squashed nose of a Pug), can create medical conditions. Pure-breed pets might be expensive. With respect to the breed, a pure-breed puppy will commonly cost you several hundred dollars.

A mutt, in contrast, is just a one-of-a-kind family dog. In case you are adopting a mutt puppy from a friend, you could possibly see exactly what the mother is like, however the father is usually a complete unknown. If you adopt from a shelter, you can possibly only speculate about both parents. Mutts generally have less health conditions and tend to live beyond pure-breed dogs. And mutt pups tend to be cheaper (and sometimes even free).

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