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Finding a good builder who meets and understands your needs and offer their services at a competitive rate is crucial for the success of your building project. The builders are the ones who will be sourcing the materials and doing the work. It is therefore very important that they are reliable and professional. How does one find a good builder though? Using a directory is a good place to start. By using a directory, you will be able to filter out the building companies working in your vicinity and have quick access to their contact information. Once you have done this, here are some of the things that you should consider:

Is the building company part of the builders federation?

This is one way of telling whether the building company that you seek out to work with are reliable and qualified. This also means that they follow a certain set of standards that is upheld by the builders federation. This alone should be a relief for you but is not enough; you have a couple more things to consider when choosing a building company.

Value references


You should always take into consideration what people say about a building company may it be good or bad. Customer reviews and references are more important and valuable than any advertisement or fancy portfolio they have displayed on their websites. People only give references if they have had a great experience working with said building company, otherwise they would warn you or not mention it at all. After taking in what people has to say, it is also a good idea to meet with the builders and observe how they work.

Inquire about the builders past work and experience

When meeting with a building company you potentially want to work with, you should inquire about their previous work, its scope and how long they have been in the business. Discuss your idea with them and find out if they have had an experience working on a similar project in the past. Experience is very important when choosing a building company because there are several things that only an experienced building company can deliver such as competitive rates, cost-minimising strategy and informed budgeting estimates.

Are they insured?

You should also make sure that the building company you are working with are insured in the event that something unfortunate happens. It is important that you are covered and protected from significant loss. Risking your business with a building company that isnt insured is just not worth it.

Ask the building company for a breakdown of the estimate

In order to understand the estimate that was given to you by a building company, it should have a detailed breakdown and time estimated for it to still be usable. Prices of building materials fluctuate easily and this should be taken into consideration when budgeting. You do not want to be shocked later on by an increase in prices just because you did not require about it earlier on.

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