Your boyfriend broke up with you and you think he does not love you anymore. You are wrong, he is still very much in love with you. A breakup does not mean the end of love. But if you panic and go chasing him, crying and begging, you can make him pull so far away from you he will never come back. To get him back, you have to make him desperate to have you back.

To make your ex boyfriend desperate to have you back, you need to use a tactic that never fails and that is what I am about to reveal. But, first you have to get a grip on your emotions and stop telling him you cannot live without him. There are certain psychological triggers that cause a man to fall in love with a woman and you can use these same triggers to get your ex back.

As long as you insist on staying in his face, your ex boyfriend cannot miss you. It is impossible to yearn for something unless you think you have lost it. Making your ex miss you is one of the most important psychological triggers to make him want you again. He has probably never experienced his life without you since he met you.


Giving him the time to see how much you meant to his life will cause him to see how empty his life is without you. The human body has many emotioal triggers. When you are hungry, you want something to eat. When you are thirsty, you need to quench that thirst and if you are tired you crave rest and sleep. If you make your ex boyfriend think he can no longer have you, he will become desperate to have you back.

This is the way psychological triggers work. They are set off by simple human needs. Making your ex boyfriend feel a need for your love will set off his desire to fill that need by having you back. Feeling this need for you will make him begin to regret the breakup and realize what he has lost. This sets off another emotional trigger because it is normal to want to get back what you have lost.

What is the never fail tactic that will set off these psychological triggers and make your ex boyfriend desperate to have you back? It is to ignore him and go on with your life. Act as if you accept the breakup and you are over him. Nothing makes a man more desperate than having his ex girlfriend ignore him. It is something your ex boyfriend will not be able to accept.

When you make your ex boyfriend feel you no longer want him, you make him feel he is being dumped. He will begin to feel the same shock, pain and loneliness you felt when he broke up with you. Do you remember what you felt at that time? You were ready to lose your pride and dignity to try to get your ex back. This is what your ex boyfriend will be feeling.

His desperation to have you back in his arms will make him throw away his pride and ego. Your ex boyfriend will be thinking of only one thing. The only way he can be happy again is to hear you say you love him again.

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