By Ashish Jain

Hair loss is a common problem and possibly you are one of those who are quite deeply disturbed about the rate at which you are shedding your hair. Premature hair loss can be a matter of amusement for others and a very serious cause of concern for the one affected. It not only affects the head but also adversely affects one’s self image, which could be really perilous for one’s life, career and happiness.

This, for sure, is not a good news for anyone. There is one simple way of dealing with it, which many of us opt for, quite unwisely by ignoring the problem. Well, ignoring doesn’t help because every month when you look into the mirror, you’ll find fewer hair on your head. You will notice receding hairline. This will depress you every time more than the last time. Therefore, the sooner you take note of it and act to do something about it, the better for the quality and quantity of your hair.

The first few things that you can begin with are:


1.Determine the cause of your falling hair. A hair specialist is the best person to approach in this regard.

2.Find out what is your hair loss pattern. Meaning, what kind of hair loss you are suffering from. Do you have bald patches or your hair are thinning uniformly all over. These are important questions, which can lead to the true cause of your hair loss. And once the cause is known, the remedy follows.

3.Then comes the question of treatment options. There are a number of treatments available but not all of them suit everyone. So, you need to go for the one that suits you in particular. Do not experiment too much because excessive experimentation may accelerate hair loss.

4.Keep in mind that hair loss miracles do not take place. There are no magic wands out there. The process can be slow but may work not just to retain your hair but also to get back the new ones in place of the ones you lost.

Approach the experts in the area for the best possible advice. Friends may tell you what worked with them but before you go for it, do consult an expert because the cause of your hair loss may be entirely different from that of your friend.

In case of premature hair loss one must be extra cautious while selecting a cure because one significant factor for hair loss is ruled out- advanced age. This means the cause of your hair loss may be environmental or nutritional, in which case it would be far easier to reverse the damage.

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