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Do We Really Need Colon Cleansers To Keep Us In Good Health?

March 3rd, 2019

By Peter Crump

Do we really need colon cleansers to help us to achieve optimal health? They say that there is very little new in the world, only that which we have forgotten, and this is a tenet as easily applied to the history of our colonic and intestinal health as anything else. Colon cleansers are nothing new, and while the advocates of colonic clearers might point proudly to the long history of these intestinal health tools, which indeed find their origins in Egyptian times, many of the supporters of the colonic cleansers and the intestinal health they purportedly encourage are more reluctant to admit that opposition to these natural remedies boasts a healthy history all of its own.

The thinking that first compelled the ancient Egyptians to develop the very first natural colon cleansers might have seemed, until a few years ago, as absurd to the modern day intestinal health consumer as the old notion of the four elements of earth, fire, water and air.

And while we would be foolish to dismiss all ancient thinking, including that regarding colon cleansers, as having nothing to teach us about our health and wellbeing, we must temper thoughts based in the ancient world with the information we have gleaned about the world we live in since that time. The Egyptians believed that the origin of all illness was the colon, and that a healthy intestinal area led to a more broadly based sense of wellbeing.

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While anyone who suffers with colonic or intestinal discomfort or disease can most surely testify to the importance of maintaining the health of this region of the body, modern medicine has shown us that not all ill-health can be ascribed to the colon. The importance of the colon, and by association the significance of colon cleansers, was reasserted when natural medicine became popular several years ago.

Some practitioners of a medicine based on a so-called more natural approach to the body argue that our modern lifestyles have resulted in the build up of matter in the colonic region, which actually poisons us if not removed. Hence the significance of colon cleansers and intestinal health, and the resulting popularity of this type of product, which can now be purchased in a whole host of guises, from homeopathic remedies to oxygen-based colon cleansers.

It might be argued that just as we moved on from the Egyptian’s way of thinking about colon cleansers, so this recent interest in this aspect of our intestinal health is just another fad. While the medical establishment largely refutes the necessity of these colonic aids, millions of consumers report them as being invaluable to intestinal health.

It is in our nature to rediscover old ideas and to incorporate them into our lives again, and colon cleansers are one such example of this. As long as we temper our enthusiasm for the old with new knowledge, then our adoption of Egyptian health habits might not be a bad thing. Certainly enough people report the benefits of good colon health, and colon cleansing in particular, for us to be silly to dismiss it.

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Choosing A Professional Office: The Virtual Advantage

October 1st, 2018

Submitted by: Ingrid Schneller

When Parm Gill graduated from BCIT s interior design program, she was still living at home and expecting to find herself in a traditional job environment: a cubicle at a design firm. Facing a recessionary climate with few jobs on the horizon, Parm turned to self-employment but found herself challenged with the question of where to work.

Like many graduates-cum-entrepreneurs, Parm needed to match expenses with revenues. In other words, she needed to save cash until client fees started rolling in. Leasing an office space was not part of the immediate future. Student loans limited her ability to borrow in order to redesign her parents den into a home office. And with home based in the suburbs 50km from the nearest metropolis, she could hardly expect to meet the needs of corporate clients who were centered in the downtown core.

As a first step towards a professional office image, Parm could consider providing a business address and not her parents home. Two options make this affordable: renting a postal box office or using a commercial mail receiving agency mailbox service. The upside: it sounds corporate, and there is a suite number. The downside: if your clients drive by, they may realize that this is not a corporate office.

Parm s solution? Going virtual. A low monthly rate provided all the services, staff and state-of-the art technology Parm would need for her growing business. Most virtual professional office spaces provide a corporate mailing address, well-designed lobby and reception (with call screening and forwarding to your home or cell phone) along with meeting rooms and the use of a work space.

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But what should Parm be looking for when shopping for a professional office?

Like many creative professionals, Parm needed her virtual office to provide an area where she could meet clients as well as take care of the backend: creating designs and organizing the meeting notes, photos and paraphernalia provided by clients and suppliers. As an essential part of her office would be a desk large enough to accommodate paperwork as well as computer equipment. Few student-sized desks have large enough trays for keyboards let alone space for drawing paper and blueprints. Parm would need an L-shaped desk with a spacious keyboard tray as well as lower shelves for peripherals or files.

While many virtual office packages provide a low-cost rate for shared desk space, Parm opted for a private desk at a rate comparable to renting a bachelor suite.

Being on the road between her Langley home and Vancouver clients, Parm needed to ensure there was a virtual assistant during core business hours to take calls while she was driving and to receive courier deliveries.

Next, Parm s virtual office needed some essentials to supplement her laptop and cell phone. Shelves, cabinets and file cabinets would help her stay organized and store swatches as well as other samples provided by suppliers and clients.

What are some of the tech basics Parm should consider in a professional office? A multi-purpose scanner, fax machine, copier and printer provides an advantage if space is limited. But if one component breaks down, you might find yourself wishing you had a separate device (for faxing and photocopying).

Since Parm s work involves presentations, here are a few more virtual office perks that she could look forward to using: web conferencing for interactive presentations and video conferencing for communicating face-to-face with clients spread out in other areas or clients on the road.

First impressions are hard to undo, and for a design professional, the image Parm wanted to portray was stylish and hip. After visiting a variety of virtual offices, Parm found a renovated heritage-style building which offered exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows that bathed the space in natural light. Shared by other design professionals in web and marketing, Parm discovered that not only did the space provide the setup and equipment but also an instant office to network with.

About the Author: Ingrid Schneller is an office space expert at Elite Business Centres. Elite specializes in providing

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solutions that are fully equipped and supported by trained, professional staff. You can learn more about their

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Things To Know Postpartum Weight Loss

August 20th, 2018

By Shabi Guptha

When a woman becomes pregnant she gains some weight. This weight is due to factors like the body preparing to breastfeed the baby. Additionally you will find that the foods that you have eaten while you were pregnant have contributed to your misery. What this means is that you will beed to see some postpartum weight loss plans.

To see some great postpartum weight loss plans you can see what your doctor has to recommend. As keeping your health in good condition is not an option that you can avoid, you will need to see what sort of good foods that you can eat which will provide you with the nutrition that you want.

By combining exercises with food you can be sure that your postpartum weight loss plan will help you to lose the weight that you want. You should not expect to lose this weight quickly unless you have lots of money to burn.

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When you are looking over the diet and exercise regime which your doctor has made for you, you should think about how this plan will help you with your postpartum weight loss. The best way to see if you will have some success in getting rid of this weight is to ask questions about the food and types of exercise that you will be doing.

And while you may be tempted by shortcuts to losing postpartum weight loss quickly, you should put this temptation aside. Apart from hurting yourself at this point you will feel depressed and you will not be able to lose the weight that you want.

Having put the idea of losing this weight aside, you will find that postpartum weight loss can be achieved with the right sort of exercise and the proper foods. These will give you the chance of not gaining a whole load of weight. So don’t worry about people who are pestering you to lose your postpartum weight quickly.

These people have no idea of how this rapid weight loss can affect both you and your child. By taking things slow and in a natural way, you will be soon be in a position where you can watch your postpartum weight loss get to the level that you want.

While getting there may seem to take some time, you will eventually be able to have some success with your postpartum weight loss. So think of the rule of thumb for postpartum weight loss. Nine months to gain weight and nine months to lose this weight.

About the Author: Author’s Sites:

After Pregnancy Weight Loss


Yeast Infection Cures


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Ozone Machine: Is An Ozone Air Purifier Right For You?

April 4th, 2018

By Todd Olson

An ozone machine is one of the most aggressively marketed types of air purifiers. The supposed benefits of using it are:

1) It doesn’t require a fan to operate, so it is silent.

2) It produces ozone that actively searches for any pollutants and then destroys them.

3) Ozone air purifiers can fight dust, allergens, bacteria, gases, odors … simply everything that lowers the quality of the air we breathe.

Until now we’ve had to rely on multi-filter systems and even then we often felt disappointed. Everything has changed with the coming of an ozone machine an ultimate solution to all the air purifying problems! Does it sound interesting?

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Scam warning!

It sure does. The only problem is that a huge percentage of the information about ozone air purifiers isn’t true. Not exaggerated, not overenthusiastic just plainly wrong. Sadly, ozone machine manufacturers prey on misinformed and trusting consumers.

That is bad enough, but the real problem is that an ozone purifier is often a harmful or even life-threatening device that emits a toxic gas into the air we breathe.

What is ozone and what does it do?

Basically, ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen. It naturally exists in the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere where it does an excellent job of keeping the deadly UV rays away. It doesn’t however, exist naturally near the planet’s surface, though small quantities of ozone are created during lighting strikes and near high-voltage electrical devices.

But what’s so wrong with producing ozone? Since ozone is such a highly reactive particle, it oxidizes almost everything it touches. Because of this quality it is very useful for eliminating unpleasant odors, replacing them with its own, distinctive smell.

Unfortunately, it can go on to harm living creatures not only bacteria or germs, as it is claimed, but all living tissue. Since it oxidizes, or incinerates, unpleasant odors and other particles, it is obvious that it can also oxidize all life forms, not just select ones.

What fans of ozone technology don’t tell us is how the ozone knows to strike bacteria only and not our lungs! Obviously, since it’s a machine, it can’t make these kinds of distinctions.

An ozone purifier run at low output does virtually nothing. However if you try to increase the ozone production level, you will endanger your throat and lungs.

Good ozone/bad ozone:

Because none of the above information is secret, many ozone machine advertisements employ another strategy: they agree with most of the arguments, but they try to convince us that the detriments are a result of bad ozone while their products create good ozone. The problem is that the ozone they produce is basically the same as every other kind of ozone O3 is a very basic particle and there is nothing you can really do to change its basic chemical properties. Either an ozone air purifier produces highly reactive (dangerous) ozone or it produces some less reactive gas (safe, but useless). The only less reactive and really safe version of ozone is O2 the oxygen we breath all the time.

Will you choose ozone technology?

Ozone is heavily used in industry because it is genuinely good at destroying live bacteria. However, industry runs these machines at night or when the industrial area is unoccupied by humans. Take note of this information before choosing a home ozone machine that will run when you and your family members are present. Forewarned is forearmed.

About the Author: Every day we are swamped with dust, animal hair, mold, bacteria & allergans so our need for clean air purifiers grows constantly. Learn how to choose wisely.

Clean Air Purifiers



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Abs Exercises For Men}

February 28th, 2018

Abs Exercises For Men


Baron AustinYou see, crunches and sit ups are small, isolated exercises. What you want to do when trying to get a six pack is a high intensity exercise that will burn fat quick and efficiently. These exercises just won’t do that! When you exercise, you burn fat from All over your body, not just one area! Therefore to get much better results and a really slick six pack, you need to focus on compound exercises that involve many more muscle groups.A pretty intense six pack abs exercise for the rectus abdominal muscles. While you have your arms extended above your head this exercise increases the abdomen resistance.Everyone should have an exercise ball in their home. The ball is made out of latex and it’s fully filled with air. Ball exercises are some of the easiest to do and not only but there are a wide variety of them.Abs are made in the kitchen” was the phrase a personal trainer at my gym said to me. This is so true. Diet and nutrition is a fundamental point to getting a six pack. First of all, cutting right down, even better eliminating, all foods that contain empty calories, just as soft drinks and sugary sweets. These things do nothing but add fat to that layer around your abs. Not good! Try and cut out processed foods also, as these things are packed with sugar and are also just plain not good for your body in general.This exercise is similar to regular woodchops but instead of the up and down movement, you are now swinging diagonally. It’s basically the same exercise but now you’re swinging down toward your outter thighs, instead of up and down between your legs. This will put immense pressure on the obliques.The best abs exercise is pushing yourself away from the table before you get full. That means knowing what your body needs to full fill your nutritional requirements at the weight class you want to be. You will want to eat for your training requirements. if you are over 200 lbs and you are shooting for 185, you need to eat like a person who works out regularly at 185 pounds. That is important because many people who start working out begin to eat more because they feel they deserve it for the workout they do. Unless you are already 185 and have the training regimen of Michael Phelps, you might not pull it off.Thankfully, six pack abs aren’t earned solely by exercises that supposedly target the abdominal muscles. Therefore, you can save your money on ab machine gimmicks and save your effort by avoiding thousands of crunches. Let me explain. The real way to get six pack abs is by burning the fat that often covers them up. This stubborn belly fat isn’t targeted by ab exercises; that’s just a popular and inaccurate myth.So, you have to address both of these issues: exercise, and body fat reduction. Now, if your exercise program not only strengthens your abs, but also promotes fat burning, you are killing both of these birds with the one stone. The type of exercise we are talking about here is designed to work the whole body in major sections, not just focus on one specific muscle group.A lot of people, especially guys, are striking their keyboards trying to find the best abs workouts for men. Some are finding what they need, but unfortunately, a lot of people are also being left without the help they need. Many of these resources they’re resorting to are leaving out important facts that will help in our goal to get abs. For example, the fact that when exercising you actually are breaking down the muscle.Ab exercises for men who wish to sport a six pack have to follow the same premise as constructing muscles wherever else on your body. One good one is to do decline crunches whereas holding on to a weight plate. Attempt to do 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. When this gets easy with the weight you’ve been carrying, begin using a heavier weight. If you are doing leg lifts for your lower, use some ankle weights to make the exercises extra difficult. Keep in mind, do workouts which focus on weight lifts.It is still necessary to train your abs consistently to maintain them, but there is no need to do thousands of reps every day. In fact, you should do more high resistance ab exercises like hanging leg lifts and knee lifts instead of ab crunches. Hanging leg raises are harder to perform, especially for beginners, but it provides the most resistance to your stomach and is the most effective.

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