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Pension Planning Services In The South Manchester Area

December 29th, 2018

Pension Planning services in the South Manchester area



When we think about retirement, it might seem that it is in the distant future but it s never too late to start planning for your retirement. Thus, if you do it as soon as possible then you will be able to enjoy it and thus, finance it accordingly. Retirement planning provides us several benefits and thus, there are many contribution limits and tax advantages.

Retirement life in the future will always be different from the kind of life we are experiencing today. The life we experience then will be better in some ways and will be worse in some of the ways. Thus, the retirement planning of today s workforce must be different from that of yesteryears. If you can put aside even a little amount of sum for your future you can make a big difference to the lifestyle that you can enjoy after your retirement.

The golden rule for all the pensioners is that you should never rely on the state alone. Now -a -days you can even contribute to any pension scheme even if you don t work. Most of the pension schemes get benefit from tax breaks. In the recent years the pension legislation has changed dramatically. To find out how the changes might have affected you can get in touch with any financial adviser. These advisers will be able to provide excellent advice to the clients. Thus, you will be awarded with the best solution to meet your requirements.

Today there are several tax efficient ways to provide you a comfortable retirement. As the area is bit complex thus, you need to choose the right one from which you can benefit from. Now let s have a look at some of the important types of pension contract:

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Personal Pension Plan (PPPs)

Stakeholder pension

Group Personal Pension Plan

Employers Schemes (Occupational Pensions)

Executive Pension Plan

Self Invested Personal Pension Plan

Thus, through this you can maximize your benefits properly. All of these above services are being offered in the South Manchester area as well as in Altrincham and Chesire. Retirement planning Cheshire and retirement planning Altrincham provides a comprehensive financial plan for the clients. With the right information, accurate planning and commitment, the retirement security you plan for can be yours.

The closer we get to our retirement, people love to take less risk thus, you should plan ahead for a suitable retirement plan for you and your family. If you are young and if you take a long investment horizon, you should take advantage of more risky and aggressive investment vehicle. With time the advantages will be moderate and thus, then you have conservative investment preferences.

Retirement advice Cheshire and Retirement advice Altrincham are considered to be the best. Thus, you should look forward for any good adviser who can provide you the right type of decision where to invest in. Thus, opt for the one the fits your requirement. But, seeking help from any financial adviser will give you additional benefit and thus, you can gain much more. So, engage a good financial planner who will be able to guide you with a proper retirement policy.

Haven IFA is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers which provide potential financial advices to their respective clients. According to them retirement planning Cheshire and retirement planning Altrincham are considered to be the best. Retirement advice Cheshire and

retirement advice Altrincham are truly beneficial in the long run.

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Icici Prudential Life Launches Icici Pru Easy Retirement}

October 28th, 2018

Submitted by: Atul Malikram

ICICI Prudential Life launches ICICI Pru Easy Retirement

~ Build your retirement corpus in a cost effective and flexible manner ~

~ Enhance your corpus by staying longer and get regular income for life ~

~ Enjoy the convenience of online purchase ~

Key Highlights:

Cost effective: The more you contribute and the longer you contribute for, lower the cost

Easy to purchase: This product can be purchased online

Capital Guaranteed: Savings are protected from market downturns

Asset allocation: Invest as per your risk appetite

Retirement secured: You will receive regular income for life

Mumbai: ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, today, announced the launch of ICICI Pru Easy Retirement. This unit linked plan enables customers to build their retirement corpus in a cost effective and convenient manner. Higher the contribution and longer the contribution tenure, lower is the cost of building this corpus. This plan safeguards the customers capital against market downturns through the capital guarantee feature, while providing customers the flexibility to choose their equity exposure according to their risk appetite.

ICICI Pru Easy Retirement rewards customers for continuing over the long term through Pension Boosters which add 5% of the fund value every five years after the tenth policy year onwards thereby enhancing the corpus built which provides regular income for life.

With ever rising cost of living, retirement planning has become increasingly important. By planning early customers benefit by way of reduced quantum of outflow towards premium payments. Another avenue for customers to reduce outflow towards premiums is to continue paying throughout the term of the policy. This effectively ensures that there is minimal impact on the existing standard of living. However, customers have the flexibility to choose the premium paying term to build a corpus to ensure regular income to maintain their lifestyle post retirement. Importantly, a switch facility is available to customers to modify the asset allocation for maximizing returns.

ICICI Pru Easy Retirement is available on the online platform developed by the Company, which offers customers the convenience of evaluating the product and making an informed buying decision.

Mr. Puneet Nanda, Executive Director, said ICICI Pru Easy Retirement is compliant with the new regulations prescribed by IRDA, which make life insurance products a compelling proposition for customers. Our core philosophy has always been to offer products which enable customers to meet their long term financial goals. Importantly, this product allows customers to build their retirement corpus in a cost effective and convenient manner. A retirement plan is a long-term plan and needs a disciplined savings approach which is rewarded by the power of compounding. ICICI Pru Easy Retirement is a plan designed to inculcate a long term savings habit thereby enabling customers to build a corpus that will provide for regular income post retirement.

ICICI Pru Easy Retirement is available on the online platform developed by the Company, which offers customers the convenience of evaluating the product and making an informed buying decision.

Mr. Puneet Nanda, Executive Director, said ICICI Pru Easy Retirement is compliant with the new regulations prescribed by IRDA, which make life insurance products a compelling proposition for customers. Our core philosophy has always been to offer products which enable customers to meet their long term financial goals. Importantly, this product allows customers to build their retirement corpus in a cost effective and convenient manner. A retirement plan is a long-term plan and needs a disciplined savings approach which is rewarded by the power of compounding. ICICI Pru Easy Retirement is a plan designed to inculcate a long term savings habit thereby enabling customers to build a corpus that will provide for regular income post retirement.

About the Author: For more information please contact Atul Malikra PR 24×7 Network Ltd.


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Charcoal Grilling 101: Starting A Charcoal Fire With Lighter Fluid

October 22nd, 2018

By Lou Ciaccia

Listen up, because I’m going to tell you how to do something that most ‘experts’ in this field will refuse to address: how to start a charcoal fire using lighter fluid.

‘Lighter fluid’ is almost a bad word among serious grilling aficionados and weekend barbecue warriors. Ask one of them how to light a good charcoal fire using lighter fluid and you will get a one-word answer: ‘don’t.’ It will usually be followed by the instruction: ‘get a charcoal chimney.’

The reason is simple, lighter fluid is a cousin of gasoline, and likewise has a petroleum base which has an awful smell. As a result its possible for the fumes of petroleum based lighter products to affect the taste of your food. As a result, people that are really serious about their grilling and barbecue, often infusing the meat with delicate blends of different wood smoke that compliments their secret mopping sauce, just simply won’t entertain the idea of using it.

Most serious barbecue artists use a charcoal chimney. And that’s excellent advice. I prefer an alcohol-based gel myself, to also avoid any possible odor and taste issues.

But in all reality, most beginners are going to go the charcoal lighter fluid route because it is the most intuitive, it’s available everywhere and what they’ve seen from other people. When you are just learning your way around a charcoal grill, using a chimney or electric starter or an under-the-charcoal fuel source can be confusing. And here’s the big secret: that’s OKAY. You can create a perfectly enjoyable meal on a lighter fluid-started fire that will satisfy the tastes of 90% of the population. That’s if you do it correctly.

YouTube Preview Image

Before you start, choose your charcoal. Go ahead and get the Kingsford briquettes, although they may be more expensive. I’ve found the quality of store-brand charcoal (often the only other choice) to vary widely. Kingsford will generally ash over quickly and evenly and burn a good amount of time. If you have another premium brand available in your area, feel free to try it. As you get to really know your way around a grill, you may graduate to lump charcoal, which burns faster, leaves less ash, and is easier to adjust the grill temperature with. But for now, a decent quality briquette will offer the consistency and ease of use you want.

First, you want to determine how much charcoal you need. Estimate the space on the grill that your food will cover. Pour in enough briquettes to cover that amount of space below your grate, in a single layer. Then throw in about 6 or 7 more briquettes.

Next, pile the briquettes up in a pyramid. Squeeze on enough lighter fluid to cover all the briquettes that you can see. I also usually try to squirt some in between gaps to get some on the charcoal deeper in the pyramid.

Wait about a minute, but no longer.

Light it by dropping a match, or a long handled lighter. A cigarette lighter usually puts your hands a little close for comfort. I usually try to light the charcoal on each side.

You will see a lot of flames and fire, for a while. Then very shortly, it will appear the fire has gone out. Be patient. Whatever you do, don’t spray more fluid on it. It’s dangerous. Your fire is not out, the fluid is just burned off and the charcoal is starting.

Eventually you will see the corners of the briquettes turn white with ash, and eventually more and more of the briquette will ash over. Unless this ashing process stops completely, your fire is not out.

As more and more of the coals fully ash, you will probably start to see glowing orange in the center of your pyramid, and flames may even return. You are waiting for the coals to be ashed over pretty completely, all grayish white. This assures that the lighter fluid has completely burned off and shouldn’t seriously taint your food. Now, if you have a few straggling briquettes that haven’t ashed over completely, that’s ok, it is possible to wait so long for 100% ashing that you miss the prime cooking time of the charcoal.

With Kingsford, it’s generally ready pretty quickly, as soon as 15 minutes. Bigger fires, different grills and different briquettes can take longer.

So when the briquettes are completely, or nearly completely, ashed over, use a long handled tongs or other utensil to spread out the briquettes in a single layer. Put your grill grate into place on top to heat up for a few minutes before adding your food (more time for any straggling coals to ash over). If your grate needs brushing, do it now when it’s warm but before adding the food.

As long as you’ve waited long enough for all the lighter fluid to burn off and the briquettes to ash over, most people aren’t going to taste any negative residue. There are good reasons to use other lighting methods, and lump charcoal over briquettes as well, but this is the easiest and a totally acceptable way to get started. As you get comfortable around the grill you can investigate all the other options.

About the Author: Please visit

for more tips on charcoal grilling for beginners.


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Celtic Knot Tattoos The Hidden Secret Behind This Emblem

September 9th, 2018

By John McCleary

Celtic knot tattoos are designed with intertwined strands that make unique tattoo designs. The Celtic knot is a complicated design and often has hidden meanings. For a tattoo enthusiast, designs with unique meaning are certainly held in high esteem. For instance, for those wanting to express their faith in religion, Celtic knot tattoos representing the Holy trinity and cross are ideal. To convey good fortune, Celtic Shamrocks are the best option, since they stand for good luck.

Celtic knot tattoos are available in numerous varieties. A simple design can be tattooed as an armband or a complicated design can be inked on the upper or lower back. The inspiring feature of the celtic knot tattoo is that the size can always be increased.

The duleek knot is one of the popular Celtic knot tattoos, which symbolizes completeness and the Sun. The inner patterns of this knot design include four triquetras, which is the most common knot design used in Celtic knot tattoos. The four triquetras represent the four seasons influenced by earth, air and water. The trinity knots are brilliantly interlocked to make a beautiful design, indeed many people select this design as a way to represent their strength.

YouTube Preview Image

Celtic knot tattoos provide a splendid look if designed in the leg from knee to ankle. Due to the intricate designs, these tattoos certainly require a tattoo artist with skill and passion in this specific area, be sure to seek out a true professional. The integrity knot is yet another excellent design that delivers eye-catching appearance, it is a perfect design for the upper back.

Infact Celtic knot tattoos can represent wedding knot, I believe they express a great romantic statement. The beautiful heart knot pattern looks stunning and you are able to color the inner heart which adds to its charm. The infinity knot is similarly famous in Celtic knot tattoos, it is a symbol of infinite love.

A well designed Celtic knot tattoos will look awe-inspiring if designed well. The complex shapes and interweaves of these artworks are the perfect way to express a powerful meaning. These knot tattoos can be positioned on the lower back, upper back, arms, and legs.

Celtic knot tattoos are the most popular body symbol of all Celtic art. They are mystical knots that represent a spiritual meaning. They help us to understand the cycles of life with the endless knots symbolize the life after death. If you select a Celtic knot tattoo design to be inked on your body, then you can use it to convey what is most important in your life and your personal beliefs.

Many people love to wear Celtic knot tattoos because of their cultural significance. Even without Celtic ancestory, people worldwide simply appreciate the beauty of the artworks and are willing to ink the design. However, the celtic knot tattoos are somewhat difficult to design, it is therefore essential to look for an experienced tattoo artist who has experience and skills in tattooing the knot designs. It is worthwhile to research a quality artist before starting the tattooing process.

About the Author: Resource Box – John McCleary is a Celtic tattoo professional. John runs a neat website on Celtic Knot Tattoos including galleries of Celtic tattoos, free tattoo designs and professional tattoo advice. Be sure to check out his site on

Celtic Knot Tattoos


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You Too Can Live On A Cruise Ship

June 7th, 2018

By Frank Hague

Have you ever dreamt about living on a Cruise Ship forever?

Traveling the world, seeing all kinds of exotic places, cruising forever with not a care in the world.

It is now a reality, and several possibilities exist.

1. The World of ResidenSea was launched in 2002 as a condominium-style residential community contained on a 644-foot cruise ship, complete with restaurants, a spa and fitness center and other amenities similar to what you’d find on a typical mid-size cruise liner.

As with land-based condo resorts, short-term rentals of a week or more may be arranged without committing to ownership, and a wide range of ports is included on The World’s ongoing circumnavigation of the globe.

Residensea has problems.

-disputes between owners of Condos on the ship and tourists.

Owners want to stay in exciting ports for several days, tourists that the ship needs to get full occupancy to cover the cost of unsold suites want to move from port to port every day.

YouTube Preview Image

Sales of actual condos on the ship have stalled due to fears of terrorism, uncertainty in financial markets and uncertainty about the future of the ship.

Annual maintenance costs run at $100,000 per suite while an actual suite now costs 1.9 to 4 million dollars. This ad recently appeared on the Internet:

“Rent an outside luxury cabin from $600 a day”

From somebody who owns 2 cabins on the ResidenSea. That runs to $18,000 per month.

2. Join an organization that will buy a used Cruise Ship and convert it to Condos.

This concept has been tried and failed.

The practical problems were just too great.

-Trying to get enough people interested

-Trying to get commitments from people -Trying to find a ship that was not going to fall apart immediately upon leaving the harbor. -Trying to get cash from people before a ship was bought.

And these were just problems BEFORE a ship was even bought.

Think about the problems there would be after the ship was bought.

3. Buy regular cruises on an on-going basis.

This seems the only practical way in which you can live permanently on a Cruise Ship.

Here are the estimated costs based on double occupancy starting on the cheap:

Basic Cruise Costs; $100 per day x 2 people = $6000 per month

This includes gratuities, all you can eat and port costs.

Independent costs of living for Seniors seems to be about $2000 per month per person = $4000.

This includes food.

So for $2000 per month extra a couple can live on a Cruise Ship (or ships) forever.

The advantages of this type of living if you have that extra $24,000 per year to spend are these:

-Quality of the meals on a Cruise Ship is probably a lot better than what you would get in an independent living type of situation.

-You can vary cruise lines, use a Caribbean Cruise Line this month, an Alaska Line next month and a European Line for the next 6 months.

-Shows every night.

-Built-in new friends every week or so. Most cruises end within 7 days and a new crop of potential friends arrives for you to interact with.

-An entire Cruise Staff to help you with ANYTHING if you have a problem.

So, if you want to live on a Cruise Ship: $24,000 a year extra is all it takes for 2 people.

About the Author: Celebrity Cruise HistoryLiving on a cruise shipCondo cruise ship living


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Moderate Cold Hardy Traits In Date Palms And Fan Palms

February 24th, 2018

By Pat Malcolm

The Canary Island Date palm, Phoenix canariensis, is one of the most sought after and spectacular palm trees seen in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Lower Texas, and coastal South Carolina. This large, formal palm tree, looks great when grown next to Mediterranean architectural structures at resorts and hotels, such as the Cloister Hotel, at Sea Island, Georgia, where the large Canary Island Date palms are planted and grown at the entrances to the hotels, and stretching up the boulevards as a street tree along Sea Island Drive. These Canary Island Date palms produce dates, but barely palatable; are very slow growing, and the unique triangular leaf scars are very ornamental. You can buy Canary Island Date palms in large specimen sizes that are extremely expensive, but small trees are reasonably priced at most nurseries.

Other Phoenix Date Palm trees that show moderate cold hardy traits are the standard Biblical Date palms, Phoenix dactylifera; the celebrated plant of the Scriptures of the Hebrew Bible, documented thousands of years ago in Deuteronomy 8:8, ‘A land (Israel) of wheat and barley, and vines and fig trees, and pomegranates, a land of olive oil, and dates (palms).’ A huge grove of these large date palms grow outside Yuma, Az, where the date products are harvested seasonally from the trees with tall ladders, as they have been for decades past.

The Wild Date palm, Phoenix sylvestris, called the Sylvester palm, is not a fast growing date palm tree, but the blue-green foliage forms a large canopy of leaves that persists for years. The wild, large date palm tree, Phoenix sylvestris, can grow to 40 feet, but the trunk is slender, and this wild date palm will readily hybridize with other date palms growing nearby. You can buy large specimens of wild, date palm trees that are very expensive, but smaller trees can be purchased at reasonable prices. This palm tree has also been called a Toddy palm, because the sweet dates are harvested and fermented into an alcoholic drink, a Toddy.

YouTube Preview Image

The Chinese Fan Palm, Livistona chinensis, is a well adapted tree to large areas of the South. The huge leaves are fan shaped (palmate), and not fast growing, but the large heavy leaves give a weeping appearance. You can buy these Chinese fan trees cheap, but almost any nursery sells them, and they can survive cold hardy temperatures, around 20 F.

Mexican Fan Palm Tree, Washingtonia robusta, is also called the Washington Palm Tree, and grows faster than most other cold hardy Palm Trees. The fan shaped, bright green leaves are large, growing 6 feet long. Mature Washington Palm trees can grow 100 feet tall, and small Washington Palm Trees are so fast growing and inexpensive to buy, many people are planting them. Large Washington palm trees planted in front of motels at Waycross, Georgia, have survived extreme cold winters, and even when leaf canopies were frozen and black, the new shoots grew back in the Spring to renew their beauty.

The European Fan Palm, Chamaerops humilis, also called the Mediterranean Fan Palm, is a beautiful cluster palm; a favorite palm tree planted abundantly at the Cloister Hotel, at Sea Island, Georgia. The European Palm Tree forms multiple, daughter, closely connected, palm trees that were planted and grown as circular groups, although if the daughter palm trees are removed after the trunks grow to 3 – 4 feet, single trunked specimens can be grown in the landscape. The leaves are very variable in color, from green to silver. This very delicately leaved plant is controlled by a graceful, slender trunk, that is embedded with long brown fibers. In Mediterranean areas, the European Palm tree is often grown as a street tree, planted in large containers. Its slow growing character makes the European palm tree well adapted for planting in pots.

About the Author: Patrick A. Malcolm, owner of TyTy Nursery, has an M.S. degree in Biochemistry and has cultivated palm trees for over three decades.


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